Free Lancing On the "Side"

Hello faithful followers!

I just wanted to share a quick blurb and let you know that though I might not have been busy on the blog, I have been doing some behind the scenes work on the website, and I am fine tuning some new stuff I hope to release when the snow finally freaking melts for good! 

Otherwise, I wanted to share a few articles I have done for a livestock publication, if your interested in repurposing and re imagining antiques, check out the Ganville Junkaholics at their upcomming show, this article was written for the Black Hills Stock Show in Febuary, but their spring show is coming soon.


And if you are interested in Agriculture outreach into communities and schools, and helping children learn where their food comes from, you might enjoy this article about the North Dakota Farm Bureau hosting Free Meat Mondays.



Thanks for your support in all that I do!