My First Official Blog Post- No the other one doesn't count!


I have been poring over blogs. Blog ideas, everyone is selling something to make your blog the BEST EVER sites; all with the intention of making my first "real" blog post something amazing. And I came up with...nothing, or almost nothing. 


Because, none of those things are me! 

I want to be Authentic, down to the last detail, I want my brand to be ME. 
And Me isn't perfectly formatted, cookie cutter blog. Me isn't a perfectly manicured website that someone designed for me. Me is a little bit crazy, open, friendly and fun. I am not afraid to admit that I am learning still, and that I am growing my brand as I am attempting to help others start theirs. 

The truth is, I don't KNOW what niche I want to take; I haven't decided how I want to branch myself out; but I am going to have such fun figuring this out! Branding photography speaks to me the way that portrait photography never has. I have ideas and theories of building this giant business network group that becomes a one-stop-shop for people looking for Logo design, branding imagery, etc. 

Big ideas and BIG dreams! 

I am starting off on this journey into building a business for myself, following the footsteps of countless other amazing women who have decided that WE CAN DO THIS! 

I have subscribed to countless blogs, and have an email address dedicated completely to the email traffic from them. I have signed up for dozens of 'free' training's and the associated "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!  "Special" deals.  I have taken classes, and bought bundles, and studied posing, lighting, mastering your camera etc.  

I am going to do this. And I am going to attempt to blog about it the entire journey. So, buckle up, its probably going to be bumpy. It might be ugly, at times, but Ill try to keep it all rainbows and sunshine!