Shutterbugs Challenge- 52 Week Photography Challenge


This version of the 52 week challenge is geared for our group of photographers. It will require our members to push themselves, learn new things, and explore different modes and settings on their cameras.

Each Week, The assignment will be one of four categories:

Vision: Show us how you see the world, express your views in your shots sticking to the theme. Take inspiration and make it reality. Think outside the box. Develop your vision to express what you see in your mind’s eye when you look at something.

Composition:  Simply put, composing an image is arranging elements within the frame to suit the idea or goal of the shot. It is a way of guiding your viewer to the most important elements of your work.  Set up the shot in a way that expresses you.

Technical: Explore your camera settings and modes to achieve the desired effect for the weekly challenge.

Wild/Creative: Push the boundaries, you have the freedom within these challenges to shoot whatever you wish. Explain the idea behind the photo, let us know if you’re trying something new. Have FUN!

This challenge is designed to use all these tasks to help you develop your style. Your style expresses itself in the way you see the subject (vision) compose photos (composition), use settings on your camera (technical).

I know it is the second week of March, so we will start on Sunday with March Week 3, and work our way back around. Each month has tasks that should fit into the holiday schedules.  If you are struggling, don’t forget to ask for help, we are here to help each other grow!

I encourage you to share your work and keep the rest of us who are attempting this challenge accountable. I have coined a couple hash tags for our group and our challenge. #WCShutterbugs #Shutterbugschallenge.

Share your work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other hashtag friendly social media site. Of course, share your work in your favorite photography forum (Watford City Shutterbugs!J) and encourage others to participate.

If you are not already a member of our local photography club, feel free to join us!

If there is enough outside interest I can and will create a Shutterbugs Challenge group that would allow people outside of our geographical area to play along with us as well.

Created based on Dogwood Photography’s 52 week Photography challenge.  (


  1. Something you hate- challenge yourself to find a good way to feature things you dislike
  2. Bad Habit – illustrate poor technique on purpose
  3. Macro- Find some fine detail in the world
  4. Biggest Fear- Explore and push yourself to show your fears in imagery


  1. What Hope Looks like to you
  2. No Peeking – Don’t look at the photos until you download them
  3. Bokeh
  4.  Sensual- show us something sensual – please keep it PG, we don’t monitor the page for minors.


  1. Ordinary Objects – Make something every day seem extraordinary or find an abstract angle
  2. Metallic- Old Cars, new cars, a pop can, a fork, if its metal, it’s in.
  3. Black/White Background- Use your camera to create this effect
  4. Portrait- Tell someone’s story WITHOUT showing their face


  1. Illustrate a word- Compose a picture to illustrate a specific word
  2. New Life/Baby/Spring
  3. Leading Lines - use lines to lead the viewer to your subject
  4. Favorite Flower/Plant


  1. Alphabet- Find The letters of your name in the world around you and put them together
  2. Left to Right – compose a photo that reads like a book- left to right
  3. Black and White
  4. Product – sell us something with your image alone


  1. Humor- Make us laugh
  2. Contrast - stark contrast: liquid/solid, hard/soft, delicate/brash light/dark etc.
  3. Rule of Thirds
  4. Eyes


  1. Loneliness- Find something by itself and capture its story
  2. Edges and Angles
  3. High Perspective – Find a way to get up and look down on creation
  4. Shoot for the stars


  1. Doors- Embrace the symbolism, tell us a story
  2. Get Low – Change the angle, look up at the world from a small perspective
  3. Reflections
  4. Favorite Animal/Wildlife


  1. Fall Colors
  2. Sun/Lens Flare
  3. Long Exposure
  4. Quiet Moment- Find your Zen


  1. Musical – compose a photo that illustrates a song or brings a song to mind
  2. Fill the Frame - Fill the frame with your subject You will need to get personal, or use a good zoom lens
  3. HDR
  4. Halloween


  1. Big Screen- Compose a photo that brings a movie to mind
  2. Silhouettes/Shadow
  3. Rule of Seconds
  4. Holiday Traditions


  1. Nostalgia/Childhood Traditions
  2. Something New
  3. Movement
  4. Christmas Lights


I am always doing that which I cannot.....

Hey everyone! 

I spent a LOT of time this week working on the website, this blog, and social media. 

I have to say. Social media is exhausting. Can 2 platforms please just do the same thing the same way? It would be EPIC! Setting up all the accounts to play nicely and auto generate things. SEO. Tags, Categories. I feel like I need 12 different cheat sheet notebooks for each different platform, oh and a few extra pairs of hands would be amazing! 

HOW does anyone keep track of all this. EEK! 
Meeting with clients to start building their story- and help build mine at the same time!
Figuring out which blogs to start watching
Signing up for the right endorsements/certifications
Following other peoples ideas for setting up blogs and websites
Having friends and family proof the website
Trying to figure out how to set up and email address capture system.

On top of all this, I work full time, and of course have the toddler; and attempting to keep the house in line. You mommy bloggers, you ARE HERO's because HOLY heck is it HARD! 

Lets be honest here. I am a photographer. Not a blogger, not a coder, not someone who has the ability to sit at the computer for hours a day refining all of these things. But I am hooked on the idea that building this business is the best way for me to be independent, and that means pushing those walls WAAAAAAAAAY out and doing it anyways. 

So here is what I learned this week:

Some domains don't play nicely with other web app plugins. And it sucks because now I am not sure how to set up the subscribe email capture on a host site who apparently doesn't do that. 

Free! (whispering fine print) usually doesn't actually mean free. You have to do something to get something. I understand that making money on blog requires these tactics, but what happened to the internet being a trove of information, for literally free? 

Instagram technically doesn't allow posts to be scheduled. 

Trying to pick a niche is hard! Especially when you like so many things, and are a bit...distractable.   (fun fact of the day, google says distractable is actually a word. Spell check says its not) 
Hey look! another blog to follow this one is solely about...
What was I saying again? 

My point is, rather rambling and I hope amusing (at my expense of course)

Take the time to have a clear idea of where you are going, understand that its going to be hard and take time to get there, but if I can do this, and juggle a rather insane schedule. So can you!  

Take the time to:
Have a Clear mission statement
Know your core values
Have an idea of where your going - but don't be afraid to tweak it if you find its not working
Find the humor in the situation, and laugh about it. You are TOO BLESSED to be Stressed.
Step back from time to time and look at the big picture, you can niche down as far as you care to go, but remembering that there are other things is good too! 
Set up a schedule and stick to it. A routine helps! Ill try and talk more about this on a separate post later. 

I have sat here for about 5 minutes trying to decide if I want to come up with a cutesy phrase to end my blog posts with. Some sort of signature, is that required? Do the other blogs I have recently started following do that?
More on this later- the 8-5 job duties are calling. 


Model Call- Branding Photography

Calling Small Business Owners! 
I am doing a model call! 
I need 2-3 small businesses in the Watford City Area to help build my portfolio and start expanding my new line of business! I am also hoping to start a small business network within the Watford city Area to help each other build clientele!

What you get: the Brand YOU! Signature Session
2 Hours of session time- on location and at your business
up to 4 outfit changes
30 finished images for social media, web, and print use for marketing materials.

This session is worth over $1000! I have posted this on my social media accounts, and have ONE space left for my model call! 

Thanks for looking.