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Creatures of Earth and Sky

Hear the low rumble, smell the grass and taste the wind. You are immersed in the wilds of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The horses are on the move. Flying effortlessly over the land. Across the buttes and washes they gallop. Creatures of earth and sky, boundless and free.

"Creatures of Earth and Sky"

The title piece of this collection. This nearly true-to-life-size print is intended to be the focal point of a room and bring the peace of the Badlands right into your home with you. 

20x50 Panoramic metal print. $ 1325

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Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

Nichols was chasing trouble with Teton

early in the fall.  Him and the

herd left me in the dust pretty quickly,

but before they all disappeared over the hill, h

e turned and looked back at me.

Seeming to ask "Are you coming?"

14x20 Metal 


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Daylight Dancers

Daylight Dancer

Just up the road from Talkington creek on a 

cool summer morning.

Flax and family were farther north than I have

ever seen them  In the silence of a new day

I herd hoofbeats from the south and up the road

came Guardian, Freckles and Applewood.

Flax didn't take the intrusion lightly and

trotted out to meet him. They scuffled a little

and then Flax let Guardian go on about his merry way. 

16x20 Double mat framed fine art print 


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King of the Hill

King of the Hill

On a cool winter morning I found "The Bachelor Boys" up on the hills

above Paddock creek. Illinois had skylined himself so

beautifully and I got this shot.  I have printed this piece

in various sizes and its a very favorite of mine. 

14x20 Metal $222 

20x30 Metal $410

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On this frosty morning the combined herd

of Flax and Frontiers mares were in a playful

mood and we wandered up the valley at a high

pace..  The four horses pictured are cousins of

sorts. They are all by Flax or Frontier, full brothers

who look very much alike themselves. 

16x24 Metal


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Lord of His Domain

Lord of his Domain

Teton and his family were enjoying the summer breezes 

coming up off the river. 

Standing on the edge of the butte so magnificently. 

Featured in Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Art in the Park 2019

20x30  Metal 


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Ghost of the Past

Ghost of the Past

The North Dakota Badlands Horses are the remnants

of the Plains Tribes and are said to be the last of
Chief Sitting Bull's personal herd. 
Yokum was standing over the valley where Teton and family 

were resting. He looks very much like an Indian Pony waiting for

his master to come collect him. 

16x20 Framed Fine Art Print double mat


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