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Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

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A different kind of Adventure

     Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2022 was one for the books! Looking back at the days before, its all a blur, and frankly I am amazed that I managed to get everything that needed accomplished in such a short time. 

     Website updates, ordering prints, curating the collection, the new back drop. (Isn't it GORGEOUS?) I only had about 3 weeks prep time as there was an unfortunate oversite that kept me from getting notification of acceptance.

       Literally 1001 teeny details. 

      Attempting to coordinate with friends and family.

      Trying to make time for hot springs, because oh yes, this Colorado girl wanted some hot springs time. Sadly I didn't get it, but that's a different story.             

     So many things that managed to coalesce into a pretty picture perfect showing thankfully. 

      I came away from RMHE energized and full now new ideas to fill a need I see within the Equestrian community.

     Marketing and Branding within this community is huge, in some cases it is a literal thing. To see a brand on an animal and be able to call up the ranch it belongs to, the history, the prestige etc.

      Yet I see a gap between these equine businesses, and their branding.

      Part of this business I am building and branching into, is helping other photographers and small businesses work through these intense growth phases without the intense amounts of stress.

     Here is an easy thing to consider as a business: Consistency. Is your message consistent? How about the style of the content you are sharing? Find your message and roll with it. Consistency is the single greatest asset you already posses! 

      RMHE 2022 was one for the record books for sure. I am already working on plans for more shows thanks to the success I had there, as well as throwing myself full force into Media and Marketing specifically for Equestrians and Equine professionals.

     I came away with new friends, new contacts, and a couple new cheerleaders that are pushing me to expand my box and boundaries into videography as well as the photography. To use the creativity that I have with writing and with my camera to build a big project for next year. 

     I have a couple of ideas percolating. Now is the time I have to take the deep breath and jump off the cliff into something new.

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