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Closing out the Year

The year is winding quickly down, and I as I am sitting here, closing the year business wise, my mind is wandering back over the year.  Questions, thoughts, dreams. Did I achieve everything I set out for myself this year? What goals do I set for myself for 2023? 



Brought me to Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, for the first time as a vendor instead of just as a participant. It was the first time I have ever done a dedicated horse show like that. I did alright considering it was only a few weeks post-covid protocol.

March Was an early spring trip to Yellowstone- We had a good time despite the roads being closed still and not being able to get on a snow-coach tour. Saw a pack of wolves close up for the first time, counted 11 of them on the ridge and it was pretty special. 

April was by and large spent in the wilds of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, documenting the new babies, and waiting impatiently for the next ones to arrive. A few days before the huge spring Blizzard (Which I thought was named but I am unable to come up with it if it was ) Success, when we found little Phoenix, and the very next day Felicity was found! 

May took me back to Colorado for the Sombrero Ranch Workshop, and wow did I have a wonderful, seriously, if you are an animal photographer, especially horses, its worth the money. It was as much a trip home for me as it was a photography workshop, as I grew up in that area of Colorado. Spending the week with my other Dad was pretty awesome. 

I learned about time-lapse photography and kind of caught yet another bug, it has been something I have challenged myself with multiple times. Its technical and requires planning and meticulous details and for some reason I just love it! 

May also took me to Miles City Bucking Horse Sale where I was able to get a media pass which was pretty dang special. Unfortunately I could only go for one day/one night, but I got to hang out with a couple RanchWives while there and that was a wonderful treat. 

It seems like the entire summer went by in a blink and then the rest of the  year was gone as well. I didn't get to travel as much as I would have liked to, or very many notable moments, with Yellowstone being flooded out in early summer, and going around 10-12 hours, I just didn't go very often, though in July, I took a family trip with my Dad and Son, and made some precious memories, even if we didn't see much for wildlife.

December was the Equus Film and Arts Festival in Sacramento California, and I am still amazed that all four pieces I sent placed. 

My Favorite place in Montana

What are my goals for 2023? 

Putting this out in the big wide world publicly is nerve wracking! Now I have accountability and things! 

1- Host a workshop.

     This has been on my list of years, and 23 seems like a good year to venture out of my         comfort zone and finally do this! 

2- Connectivity with my customers:

     Post at least one blog per week.

     Get back to posting daily on socials. 

     Bi-weekly email- News, happenings, and valuable content. 

3- Equine Media

      Continue to create images that can be used for Media outlets

      Query Agencies and Magazines to images to be used in conjunction with articles 

      Get more images published!

What are some of your goals for 2023? Business, personal, whatever you feel comfortable sharing, lets hear in the comments section below or on social media!  

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