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Business Rolodex

     There are so many things to consider when starting a business, and it's hard to figure out where to start. Don't bother going to the web and searching "business 101" you will be 8 pages deep before bedtime.

      So the organizer in my head prompted me to design and layout a "business Rolodex." Simple concept, I can finish this in about 10 minutes, right? WRONG! It actually ended up taking me about 2 hours.

      Stop for just a second and think about all the various things you touch for your business. Email, website, domain manager (in some cases) suppliers, services. And that was  just the easy things that come to mind off-hand.

    It turned into a few different lists of numbers, logins, and analytics data. And the thing is, I know I am still missing important details somewhere.

    The point of this exercise and bulletin?

    Putting all my information in one solid, safe spot. Now I don't have to pray I remember passwords, or go hunting for the "Password book" that I know a lot of people have and use. I don't have to worry about erasing the wrong one when it is time to update.

     The added benefit of this list is that I get to share the template with my budding business creators and save them the hard work of doing it years down the road. As they add new services, they can simply add it to their Rolodex! 

     For a fledgling business owner, this could be a wonderful tool to keep all of your accounts in one place as it grows. Rather than taking several hours for someone like me. However, even a well-established business can obviously benefit. 

    I went through all my saved logins and passwords to build the list once those that rattled off the top of my head trickled to a stop.

    I would also suggest giving a trusted person secondary access, as a viewer if nothing else to this list. In the event something happens to you and the business needs to be closed down, this provides your beneficiary a valuable resource of what and how to begin to take care of those things. 

Interested in a template? Click Here

*** Be sure to save a copy to your own drive and PLEASE do not put your information into the sheet or others that have access to this template may be able to see it! ***   

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