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Ready to gather your camera and come on an adventure to the badlands with me? 

Who else learns best by doing? By getting into the middle of something and figuring it out?  I have learned so much by investing in myself and getting involved with other photographers. 

Its time for me to take the next step in my own education and start teaching others. I will be putting together workshops for the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023. Here in the Badlands of North Dakota. 

We will explore the 3 units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, spend time with the spectacular scenery, the wildlife, and of course my favorite part of the park, the horses that reside in the South Unit!  

These workshops will be 3 day events, and not exactly for the faint of heart. Friday-Sunday, we can go literally from before sunup- till after the sun goes down, however the group feels and of course determined by the weather. 

More details to come! 

I am interested in more information!

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