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How I give back

Though there are so many wonderful charities and causes in practically any direction you can look.  To be honest I get involved with many more things than I actually have time to manage without even meaning to. I love to shoot for charitable causes.  

In November, I curated and helped creating "Angels Campaign" a calendar which proceeds were in benefit of Angels Wish and Arnegard Rural Fire Department

If you are a non profit organization that would like images for social media, fliers or other promotional material, please contact me, I would love to help!   

Volunteer Photographer 2021-2022

Board Member 2020-2022

Founding Member 2019

President 2020-2024

Board Member 2018-2020

Inaugural Member 2018

North Dakota Badlands Horse

I help cover the park in the spring time in the season of the new babies, spending the weekends down there hiking with a wonderful assortment of other horse lovers who also follow the herd.  For the past several years I have had images featured on social media with NDBH as well as the annual Guide to the Horses.  I fit right into the midst of this group of horse lovers, because we all find Peace with the horses and in the badlands.

Long X Arts

President 2020-2024

Board Member 2018-2020

I was fortunate enough to be involved with the initial community meeting for the formation of Long X Arts, which became Long X Arts foundation. I volunteered to be a board member at large and the rest is history.  Thanks to a wonderful director and executive committee driving us forward, we have grown from an entirely volunteer based board to having a full time paid position within the community focused on making the Arts more widely available through several outreach programs and community events!

North Dakota Equine Association

Board Member 2020-2022

Once again, I was blessed to be involved with this cause since the beginning. I was a vendor at North Dakota Horse Expo 2019, and have been involved with this foundation as a board member since it was formally created.  As a growing organization there are many things on the future wish list. Right now our main focus is North Dakota Horse Expo 2022, as well as promoting equine events and other organizations and foundations in the state.