Maria Borkowski

Introduction to me:

Maria Borkowski is a transplant from Colorado and is currently rooted in Western North Dakota uses her photography as mediation, a way to focus and navigate the strange new world we have all found ourselves in. Maria can be found watching a sunset, patiently waiting for the golden light of a sunburst, or you might find her trailing a herd of horses across the rugged Badlands. Sometimes you may even find her and her camera studying a flower intently with her lens. Using her camera as the vehicle, she navigated the dramatic acclimation from mountain majesty to prairie vista and endless summer days. Maria constantly challenges herself to change angles and perspectives. Self-taught by crash course trials and fantastic accidents; she prefers to control the captured moments from settings, to light, angle, and composition. Maria believes this is the truth of photography, honing skills and constantly evolving oneself. Maria’s artistry showcases her wanderlust and thirst for new adventures even in familiar places. Her photography is an invitation to slow down and experience the world as it truly is. She seeks to reconnect her audience to the wonder of the world around them in unexpected ways.


Long X Arts Foundation

President 2020-2024
Founding  Member 2018

North Dakota Equine Association (NDEA)
Board Member 2020-2022
Founding Member 2020
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Member since 2018

American Horse Publications (AHA)
Member since 2019 

Equine Photographers Network (EPN)

Member Since 2018

Watford City Shutterbugs Camera Club
Rough Writers Creative Writing Group


North Dakota Badlands Horse
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Alison- Page 25    Angel- Page 28
Ferra- Page 37    Paisley- Page 39
Iris- Page 41    Badger- Page 43
Bluegrass- Page 47    Bogue- Page 48
Harper- Page 49


Anzar - Page 12 Little Gray- Page 18


Nichols - Page 3 Little Gray- Page 16

North Dakota Badlands Horse- Social Media Feature- April 2021

KFYR Local News Feature - December 2020

North Dakota Badlands Horse- Social Media Feature- August 2020

Beautiful Badlands- Social Media Feature- August 2020

North Dakota Horse Expo Promotional Media 2019

North Dakota Living Magazine- Cover Feature Story 2018

Watford City Magazine- Feature 2


Colorado State University- Pueblo - Digital Marketing/Media Certificate Feb 2022
Colorado Northwestern Community College- A.A.S Equine Science May 2009


Western Photography Retreat- Chris Dickinson August 2021

Outside the Chute -Terry Abrahamson Sept 2020

The Branding Pen- Jen Zeller (The SD Cowgirl) April 2019

They Shoot Horses Workshop- Peter Wong and Deb Lee Carson 2018

How many times has your dream changed?

How many times have you shifted focus and attempted something new?

I can tell you I have done it a lot, I guess that’s one of those things in life that no one tells you. Or they tell you, you scoff, and then learn it yourself; probably the harder way.

I had it all planned out, I was going to go to college at X school. Instead, I was the first to graduate from a brand new program at Colorado Northwestern Community College, for Horsemanship and Horse Management.

A long way from photography, but horses are as close to my heart as photography and artistry. I was going to enroll immediately in a Veterinary Technology program.

In its place, I ended up meeting the love of my life and moving three states away to be with him instead of going back to school.

“If you want to hear God laugh….”

I have had a camera since I was about four years old. A blue Mickey-Matic Kodak that took 110 rolls of film. I still have it somewhere, it should be in a shadow box. Maybe I will pass it down to my son, if it survived me, it should be nearly indestructible.

I wish I could say I took advantage of my mother working for a professional photographer, but I can’t. Oh to go back and do things a bit differently. What could I have soaked up from the hours I spent in the studio park grounds? I will say that his style and purist views on photography stuck with me.

It has taken me a very long time to develop my style of artistry using photography as my medium; and I hope he would be proud to think that he taught me so much when he probably never realized I was watching.

I have progressed steadily from my humble but dear little Mickey-Matic; to a $45 blue light special that I was so proud of when I bought it myself! Then a high end point and shoot style, then to one of the first mid-grade starter cameras.

I am 'bootstrapping it' paying for the gear I want to upgrade as I can and learning something every time I pick up my gear. I finally have the glass and the camera body I have wanted since I started out. 

 I am a student, and I am constantly learning new things about my camera and my chosen art. I have built this all around the quote “I am constantly doing that which I cannot do, so that I may learn how to do it” there is lots of argument over who said if first Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso. Either way, it’s pretty inspiring.

Right now, my dream is to build myself a business, which encompasses all the things that I love, my family, horses,and Photography.

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