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“True art comes from flying with the madness so close you burn your eyelashes.” ― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

We 3 B's has been many things since it was created.

It was meant to be a family-based company that has since blossomed into a space for creativity and art. 

Within the figurative walls of this website, you will find my vision of the world around me.

Snips and blurbs of my thoughts depending on the subject matter I have been studying.

Things that are near and dear to me. 

I am a wide-eyed explorer. A child of the earth, guided by the heavens.

 I seek the truth in the middle of many sides to a single story.

 I have roots in all those things but claim no title.  

I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

and seek to find a balance in the middle.

So everyone may feel heard, seen, and happy. 

This path has been hard, but so worth it. 


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