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“True art comes from flying with the madness so close you burn your eyelashes.” ― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

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Equine Business

The Western and Equestrian Market requires a knowing hand.  Even in a unique market your branding needs to stand out and tell your story! Strengthen your  brand with photos and curated content to help tell your story.

Social Media Management

Telling your brand's story is a full time job, or actually, several. Let me take over the social media platforms for you! I will curate and create content that showcases your brand and business and puts you out there in front of your clients on social media! 

Artistry and Meditation

When I need to take a break, and escape from the world, I go and spend time in the silence, with my camera. I seek the light, the silence and the sense of peace that only those wild places can give me. These are my favorite stories and moments that I have captured.